Hello! I'm Africa, mama to two beautiful girls, wife to the most long-suffering husband, full time career-woman (is that a thing?) and amateur blogger. I created The Vitamin D Project to get parent's talking about (Post-natal) Depression. That's parents, not just mums, as PND affects not only 1 in 10 women, but 1 in 25 new fathers also.

After struggling in silence when my first daughter was born 2 years ago, I'm hoping to create a healthy and positive platform to share my personal coping mechanisms and would love to learn some of yours also. Vitamin D is often spoken about as the Sunshine Vitamin and I'll be exploring how even just a few hours outside each day can have a positive input on my mental health.

All views are my own, and are not meant to replace that of certified physicians. Just a mum sharing her experiences.


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